kkerelé — creative process

My creativity is fuelled foremost by the inner urge to express and this urge is inspired mostly by observational works — the visceral reaction to the works of other artists and creators. Feeling a deep sense of connectedness and harmony with such works and creating something equally as magical. 

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Inspiration also comes from within as feelings and emotions — These are mostly presented through colours. Associating different colours with certain emotions. Taking something that only exists within my mind and birthing it into tangible forms. 

Inspiration birth ideas and concepts and these ideas marinate in my mind going through several mental evaluations and developments. Then the elusive eureka moment happens — often in a dramatic way like when I’m in the shower, taking a walk, or occupied with something completely unrelated, seemingly out of nowhere. 

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The sudden bouts of anxiety then pushes relentlessly. The “what ifs’’. As anxiety wanes, form is given to ideas — creating prototypes/samples. This is the most dreadful stage as one has to prepare the mind to expect the unexpected. The luxury of experiencing creative satisfaction is what I always hope for — one I call the creative orgasm, knowing that a body of work is completed and having the WOW moment. Sometimes, I get lucky — other times, the work needs refinement. Sometimes, the refinement takes time, years even and sometimes, the work is discarded. 

By kkerele

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